Mission & Vision of Juan Toribio Mountain Leader


Be the bridge for exceptional experiences that connect people with themselves, with others and with the nature.

The goal to achieve is that our clients enjoy a natural environment, acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to perform outdoor activities safely.

Our Vision:

Juan Toribio Mountain Leader wishes to become recognized by the community that admires the mountains as a Company orientated by the ethic and the service to clients and partners.

And thus appreciates:

  • The risks and the courage to reach the objectives.
  • The people and the environment.
  • The worth of intellectual and physical labour.
  • The Quality of the Service.
  • The Safety, in all aspects of the activity, from planning to execution.
  • The cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • The profit. Earn through sustainable and responsible use of resources.


And wishes:

  • Combat prejudices.
  • Remaining engaged in projects until their completion.
  • Have Fun: That’s the magic in our business.

And now the question should be… Why do I need Juan Toribio Mountain Leader?

I shall help you to reach your sportive goals.

Proposing activities and places.
Organising logistics.
Accompanying you, ensuring integrity and safety.

Explaining you those technics involved in the activity so this experience become a learning one.